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The Williams family was facing a rough day ahead. There is only one bathroom in the house thats working. Talk about a nightmare supreme.

Blairs stepdad lets her know about the issue, and shes already a bit heated. Good thing all she had to do that day was her makeup. She should be in and out pretty quick.

As she enters the bathroom, she sees its already being shared by her mom whos in the shower and her dad whos shaving naked.

She becomes hypnotized by his humongous cock and has to do something about it.

She approaches him, grasps it, and continues to spit on it. Her stepdad freaks out because his wife is literally right there!

Blair continues to jerk him off and assures that she will never find out. They move to an alcove where Blair sucks his cock.

Stepdaddy continues to fuck her while against the wall, then they move it to the bedroom.

Her stepdad wasnt able to fix the pipes in the bathroom, but sure cleared up Blairs pipes pretty damn good.

Stepdaddy cleared all the gunk out of his pipes too, all over Blairs sweet little face.

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This is Alison and Zoeys first super slutty Halloween.

They want to make it count, plus their parents are getting shwasted at some costume party.

They invite a boy from school over to chill with them and get into some sexual Halloween shenanigans.

Their stepbrother Rob did not only overhear their devious plans, but when the guy mentioned him they referred to Rob as a dweeb who is probably out trick or treating.

It was time for Rob to not be a pussy and show his slutty stepsisters the dark side of his personality. He locked all the doors that were left open for the other kid, and found the spookiest mask he could.

He entered his sisters room and pointed straight to his cock. The girls sucked his succulent serpent double time then took turns riding his face and cock.

After jizzing all over their faces, he knew he had taught them to never underestimate him again.

As the girls were winding down from their intense orgasms, they get a text from their original boy toy saying the doors were locked, and he figured their parents got home early, so he left.

This left the girls feeling scared and used.

Who was that masked man anyway?

And why was his cock so familiarly yummy?

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